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Springbox Ventures Welcomes You

Redefining consulting:

We believe there's a better way to do business.

We are a boutique consulting firm that partners with executive teams experiencing growth or transition. We specialize in designing, leading and executing cross-functional strategic initiatives and implementing our customizable Strategic Operating Model; a framework to create alignment, data-driven visibility, empowered and engaged employees, and a road map for clients to transform their vision into reality.

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Our Specialties

Chief of Staff & Special Projects | Strategy & Planning | Cross-Functional Leadership | Process Optimization | Operational Playbooks | Integrations | Program Management | Scorecards & Metrics | Change Management | New Concept Development | Talent Strategy | Cultivating High Performing Teams | Executive Coaching

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Cross-Functional Program Leadership & Execution

Get Your Programs Off the Ground & Across the Finish Line

Our clients often experience roadblocks with programs that have impacts across the organization and don’t directly fall under a single executive -- making it difficult to get off the ground, let alone successfully complete. The devil is in the details and success is dependent upon connecting the dots, uncovering gaps you don’t know exist, and getting everyone on board. Our strong cross-functional experience combined with our collaborative and roll-up-our sleeves style enables us to help our clients to cross the finish line.

Strategic Operating Model Design & Implementation

Feel Confident that You're Transforming Your Vision into Reality

Tired of sitting in meetings hearing about metrics with data integrity caveats or the same root cause issue that has yet to be resolved? Do you keep hearing that everyone has too much on their plate, yet critical projects aren’t moving forward? Do you want to feel confident in the performance and direction of your business and that everything is under control? Partnering with us will get you there! We create operational playbooks to ensure consistency in how you do business and seamless handoffs across departments. We have a framework created from decades of experience that we leverage to customize the model that will meet the specific needs of your unique business!

Strategy, People, and Culture Integration

Attract & Retain Top Talent While Maximizing Your Largest Investment

People are your best assets and make up the majority of your operating budget - are you making the most of this investment? Having high-performing teams, engaged employees and a healthy company culture requires thoughtful planning and execution. We harmoniously integrate the company strategy with the team goals - by focusing on the right people, in the right seats, at the right time. We believe experiences foster culture, embedded values drive purpose, and alignment of goals drive satisfaction, accountability and loyalty. We provide practical insights and tools so that your entire workforce is striving to make your vision a reality!

Would you like to learn more? Contact us for a free consultation to discuss the opportunities and challenges in your business and how we can help. If it sounds like a fit, we'll complete a fixed-price, on-site assessment and have a follow up executive review of gaps, insights, issues, recommendations and then decide on the best path forward. We'll be with you every step of the way ensuring that you continue to realize the strong ROIs!

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Work We've Done

doing work together

Designed & Implemented Customer-Centric Strategic Operating Model

Improved Customer Experience While Reducing Operating Expense

Our client reached out to us for help as he said, in his words, that Operations was reminiscent of the “Keystone Cops”. We assessed the people, processes and systems components of the customer life cycle and created a new Customer Journey and supporting internal operating model aligning with the 3 year strategic plan. This included developing and implementing a new customer project management function, redesigning the customer implementation and onboarding processes and establishing new account management protocols to maintain and increase revenue. We refined organizational structure, clarified roles, and established metrics and meeting cadence to drive adoption throughout the company. Significantly reduced operating expense and cycle time.

Aircraft Hangar

Integrated & Optimized Customer-Facing & Back-Office Processes

Created Industry-Leading Customer Experience and Saved $2M Opex/ Year

Our aviation client grew through acquisitions and had 50+ locations with as many different customer-facing and internal processes. Their top priority was to create a consistent and elevated experience for their high-end clientele, improve cycle times and reduce expense. After conducting extensive on-site evaluations and surveying customers, we designed and implemented new processes and technology that resulted in an industry leading customer experience and streamlined internal processes that saved an estimated $2M opex/ year.

Marketing team meeting

Optimize Business Processes & Systems

Solved Current Pain Points and Positioned Company for the Next Level

Our clients often struggle with manual processes and disparate, outdated systems causing challenges with meeting operational demands and creating a lack of visibility into the true business performance. We have helped many clients through this exact situation by first understanding the business needs, deep diving into current processes, identifying gaps with current systems, and assessing the organization. We develop a playbook to capture new processes, establish metrics, and act as liaisons with in-house or outsourced development teams and implement a change management approach to roll out at a pace employees can absorb, commit to and adopt.

green papers

Developed KPIs Aligned to Company Goals

Established Organizational & Individual Metrics

Our client didn’t have visibility into how their business was performing or where to focus energy, time and resources. Their data was in multiple systems, inaccurate or missing, and it wasn’t clear what the trends or indicators were.  We designed and implemented an analytics program that defined critical company, functional and individual KPIs. We assessed and implemented data management tools that consolidated data into one system that provides leading indicators, actionable and behavioral insights and data driven decisions.  Our client is now able to manage their business effectively and has confidence when reporting to the board, investors and employees.

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About Us

Redefining Consulting

We started Springbox Ventures, LLC over 10+ years ago to be that trusted go-to partner for executives by combining our executive-level experience across Operations, Chief of Staff, Finance, HR, Strategic Planning, Business Operations 

We have served start-ups, growth stage, and Fortune 500 companies experiencing high organic growth, M&A or turnarounds, across telecom, franchising, restaurant, dental, aviation, food production/ sales, health and fitness, compliance, and cannabis industries who were private equity-backed or public, in  SaaS or brick and mortar companies. No matter your stage, size, or industry - We’ve got you!

We are most proud of the long-term relationships we have created with the many executives who have treated us as their trusted partner and extension of their team and have welcomed us back over and over again!

Our Values



Purpose and People Driven

Foster Collaborative & Long-Term Partnerships

Deliver ROIs That CFOs Love

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The Team

Springbox Ventures, LLC has a team of exceptional and results-driven leaders who love to work with our growing clientele. Our team is eager to learn, open to new ideas and technologies and adaptable to the fast-changing and increasingly complex business environment. Read below to learn more about our exceptional team.


Julie Gannon, MBA

Managing Director

Julie’s specialty is turning vision into reality through an integrated approach of strategy, alignment, execution, and people.  With 25+ years as a consultant and holding executive positions in Operations, HR, Finance, and as Chief of Staff, she gets the day-to-day challenges of a CEO leading a successful company. She partners with them to see what they may not, be their confidant and soundboard, communicate to external and internal stakeholders and lead initiatives in a way that inspires change, fuels growth, drives accountability while promoting a healthy culture.


Seth Wright, MBA

Managing Director

Seth brings over 20 years of business and consulting experience as an entrepreneurial leader.  Seth has helped organizations to scale by designing new concepts, expand into new segments and apply lean principles to optimize scale and effectiveness.  His leadership experience spans Corporate Strategy, Finance Planning and Analysis, and Operations. Seth’s ‘calls it like he sees it’ approach continues to position him as a trusted adviser and build long lasting partnerships with executive clients.


Kari Tewalt

Principal Business Consultant

Kari specializes in strategic development and execution in a way that fosters a highly collaborative and engaged company culture. Her cross-functional leadership and operational expertise has served start-ups, growth stage and Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years. Kari volunteers for Colorado’s Secondary Business Association and mentors high school business students.

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Word on the Street

I have brought Springbox into my last 4 companies, where I served as CFO. I provide the business problem and they return with a comprehensive plan and drive the solution throughout the business in a way that create lasting change. Their roll-up-their-sleeves style and expertise allows them to quickly garner the respect of the C-Suite and employee base alike. They are my go-to partner and have paid for themselves many times over in each company!

Dan Reinheimer, CFO

Seth has consistently demonstrated thought leadership, out of the box thinking and strong management skills in many projects over the years I’ve worked with him. His passion drives him to dive into anything, quickly becoming the subject matter expert and identifying the core issue and path forward to resolution. He has the ability to have an impact across numerous critical areas of the business and is a tremendous asset in my role as CEO.

Matt Steinfort, CEO

Part of Julie’s magic is that she can take a vision and disparate thoughts and turn them into a reality. She connects all of the dots and has a sixth sense about seeing all of the gaps and potential pitfalls and creates a plan to mitigate. She has been my trusted partner and advisor for years, both in my own business and with shared clients.

Jen Wacaser, CEO

As CFO, Kari became one of my most trusted advisors and was instrumental in helping me inflect operational changes that drove value in the organization. Kari is able to forge collaborative relationships both vertically and horizontally in an organization and galvanize teams to drive optimized results. I can unequivocally attest that Kari is one of the most exceptional business partners an executive could ever ask for.

Kevin Walmsley, CFO

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